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Website Builder or Custom Design, Which is Better for Your Business
May 17, 2017|Web Design

Website Builder or Custom Design, Which is Better for Your Business

Website Builder or Custom Design, Which is Better for Your Business

Website builder vs Custom design. Whether it’s a DIY project or is created by a professional, there’s no doubt that every business, big or small, needs a website.

A well-designed and high quality website which is designed using best practices is going to work for you round-the-clock to attract visitors, and potentially turn your visitors into clients. The good thing is that you’ve a few alternatives concerning having a site created for your local business.

The pros and cons of a website builder

Today, DIY site builders have become quite common. The major attraction to them is that users may quickly select a template, upload the content and within a matter of hours have a website online, at no or little cost.

The website builders utilize “drag and drop” and “What-You-See -Is-What-You-Get” (“WYSIWYG”) tools to make it simple for anybody to format as well as edit web pages. When you’re able to utilize a Microsoft Word, then you are able to use these services. This is much better when compared to having to learn CSS and HTML to design a website yourself.

With website builders, the paint-by-number templates make it quite easy for you to upload content such as images and text, and place them where you need it on the page. So long as you stay within the confines or lines of the template, and size properly your images and text to fit into the space, you are going to be in good shape.

However, while getting a site online as quickly as possible may in the short term be convenient, it doesn’t imply you are going to quickly see results. As you may imagine, there’s more to website design than merely uploading some few images and pasting some text into a template.

The case for custom design

The overall quality of your website is going to be higher when you choose a custom design and hire a professional web designer.

A great site designer is going to take time to understand the nature of your business, not merely the niche you’re in but also what’s so unique about your business, and create a website which is customized to you. It’s quite different from having to stuff your business into some predesigned and pre-determined box. Furthermore, when you have tried to use a laptop, or design any kind of images for a site, you are aware of how difficult and time consuming the task can be. Perfect images plus excellent designs are going to improve your business, and create immediately a higher level of trust with your prospective clients.

Professional or custom web design is going to make your business appear not only professional but unique. This helps it stand out from the crowd, while still user friendly and functional.

Regardless of which you choose, you must not forget that your clients are searching for online solutions to the issues your business is able to fix. And when they are unable to find the solutions online, you’re missing out on real opportunities. You should consider investing in the online presence of your business.

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