Free iTunes Music

Free iTunes Music Posted within: In News
In The News On: January 28th, 2009

This might be of interest to quite a few of you. Today our development team has received few $25 dollar iTunes gift cards from one of our good sources and because plenty of us here at CSS’in’COLOR have accounts and currently still filled and not enough good music tunes nor do we have time to listen and purchase so many. These cards would lay around the office for a while.

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New Blog Up and Functional

New Blog Up and Functional Posted within: In News
In The News On: January 27th, 2009

Hello Everyone,

This is our very first blog on CSS’in’, We hope that everyone is enjoying their stay and enjoying the inspirational new websites we are delivering to you on daily basis. We would also like to apologize to those that visited our gallery during the time where we have been working on getting the blog section of our site up and running, this would include the test posts and few down times. Once again, our deepest apologies.

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